from The World of Nos Ferrak’t by Kyle Wronski-Herbst

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A single golden staff

Stretches across the horizon

The Keeper remains

Perfectly patient

Celestial bodies reflect in His silver skin



Showing you more

You can sometimes see Him

On certain nights

When the moonlight catches

And His the shadows chase the stars

In time, you will grow

Like a beautiful summer alderbush

A bright burst of color under the canopy.

In time, you will live

Uncaring of the future

Of the past

Living now.

In time, you will pass

Allowing for another’s beauty

Another’s growth

Another’s smile.

In time, you will join us

Your lost friends

New opportunities

Without fear of death

When I was born

All I could hear were voices thrumming in my head.

As I grew

I learned to listen to each one

I greet each new voice with two things

A smile

A tear

As I pull their threads,

Pluck them from the sky

I see everything they’ve done

Will do.


Every voice will fade

And the measurements complete

I say farewell with two things

A tear

A snip