from Peer Through the Keyhole; A Glimpse of Vrata Nul by Montague Wildhorn

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In the First Era, the Age of Genesis, time was fluid; unbound by the restraints of causality. Every possible and impossible omniversal origin that could, couldn’t, wouldn’t, or shouldn’t exist did exist, and all at the same time. The universe was created by innumerable individuals and nobody at all.

Then came the First Chronoclasm; all existing histories collided with one another, crystallizing into the past-present-future and splitting into distinct arcs of chronology (or “timelines”). Now that time has become slightly more coherent, only one origin is true—or several conflicting origins are true, or all of them are true, or none of them are true. These possibilities aren’t mutually exclusive.

Much has taken place since then— the splitting of suns and naming of new gods, the sundering of the walls between realities and the advent of the Bomb. The repeated fracturing of the past-present-future. The City. Countless wars and love affairs, monarchs and children, genocides and miracles, nightmares and dreams, episodes of reality television and lives led to their fullest.

Look now to the universe-that-is: Vrata Nul. A kosmology made up of twenty-two planes of existence—from the electric clockwork of Logos, to undreamt-dreamt landscapes of Noema, to the escherian corridors of Labyrinthian. Twenty-two worlds, each infinite in size, boundless lands containing limitless histories and inhabitants. And you.

Vrata Nul is waiting. Will you step through the threshold?