Creative Media BFA Capstone Showcase 2020

This exhibition showcases the culminating work of multi-disciplinary artists in the Champlain College Creative Media (CREM) major—the graduating “CREMlins” of 2020. These art projects had been in process for months—for years in some cases—before the college campus closed amidst the global pandemic. Suddenly these artists faced the challenge of proceeding without the tools, resources, and spaces on which they had depended throughout their undergraduate careers. Some projects underwent minor revisions; others were upended and revised nearly from scratch. One thing did not change: The artists expressed their compassion and respect for one another by reaching out (virtually now) to offer the support and inspiration that has defined their experience in the CREM program. This exhibition of their work is a testament both to their artistic abilities and—perhaps even more notably—to their uncommon resilience and humanity.

Creative Media BFA Capstone 2020 Faculty
   Erik Esckilsen
   Al Larsen
   Robin Perlah

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