Kyle Wronski-Herbst

The World of Nos Ferrak’t

The World of Nos Ferrak’t is a collection of selected fictional prose and poetry from a greater body of work that I plan to continue developing post-graduation.

The Nos Ferrak’t you see now is by no means the Nos Ferrak’t which once was. To say that everything has changed would not only be a gross understatement, but would fundamentally be incorrect. The world of Nos Ferrak’t is a place that, in part, always has been, and yet never was. In a single moment in time, everything that is or was came to be, and yet, with the passage of centuries, the landscape and sky above has entirely shifted.

ARTIST STATEMENT: This collection of stories is meant to encapsulate the feeling of losing yourself within a new world. Through engaging detail, my words take the reader far away from their daily stresses, plopping them down in a place that gets them excited, that makes them want more. With imagery being drawn from traditional religious symbolism of both Christian and Greek history, as well as more fantastical descriptions more closely aligned to Lovecraft and Tolkien, my work evokes a certain sense of awe and wonder. I find there to be extremely problematic, racist, and sexist material within all of these inspirations, and this project looks to turn its back on it. Nos Ferrak’t is a place with very real issues and very real problems—but it won’t ever punch down. Nos Ferrak’t looks to challenge the norms of the fantasy genre, and is looking forward to bringing you in on the adventure. If you’ve ever felt alone in the world and escaped through storytelling—a book, a movie, a game of Dungeons and Dragons—then this is your home.

PROFESSIONAL DIRECTION/CAREER ASPIRATION: After graduation, I plan to continue to hone my craft at writing and mapmaking. To be a published author or writer of a larger team would be my ultimate goal, with freelance work on the side to provide supplemental income.

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