Anastasia Coen


A short narrative video utilizing poetry, and advanced video editing techniques including deep fakes (AI generated facial images), focusing on the artist and her day to day struggles.

Score by Jameson Hunt


I wake up in a house that doesn’t feel like home every morning and spend at least an hour throwing up. I sweat and panic for another hour before finally getting myself together. My art is made in the same way. I start with a blank slate, and still, I feel uncomfortable. I spew information across that slate, useless or not, I don’t know, don’t care. Then I slowly work to clean it up into something I feel proud of.

I work with form and space to explore identity and the world around me through written and visual mediums, such as poetry, photography, digital art, and performative art, although by no means am I constrained to simply these forms of art. My art’s most common aesthetic can best be described as messy, with care and intent. It exists as a mirror of myself and my perceptions.

PROFESSIONAL DIRECTION/CAREER ASPIRATION: gallery art/gallery coordination


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