Brandon Butsavage

As in the Past We Repeat.

My project was created out of the idea that all of the happenings of our time have already been experienced in the past—ideas such as speaking out against those who hold a position of power and putting up walls and blockers to keep people separate are not new ideas. What I wanted to do was combine the new and the old, events from different times that intertwine with one another and create pieces that speak to many different periods in time.

ARTIST STATEMENT: When there is a solid connection between the story and the viewer, I feel like I have succeeded in my mission. I want people to feel something when they play one of my stories and take away as much as they can from that one experience. I like to make things that are interactive and can form a connection with the viewer. My art is not so much for myself as it is for the viewer. I am already aware of the emotions that I am trying to convey and the meaning of the piece. What I want is the viewer to have the same reactions I had when I was making the piece.

PROFESSIONAL DIRECTION/CAREER ASPIRATION: I want to create stories for video games. I want to be a narrative designer and tell stories that are memorable and worthwhile for the players.

PAST WORKS: This is a short video piece that I made in 2017:


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