Clare “Era” Mahoney


Many people wonder about the world beneath our feet and the human impact on our planet. We use, manipulate, destroy, and violate that which we cannot seem to appreciate or understand. Coral bleaching, pollution, and climate change are all serious global topics of concern we as a species must face head-on. Through the incorporation of real-world issues, my imagination and creative process, as well as the world of fantasy, the creature of corruption that lurks in the depths of our waters and possesses our mind and bodies, twisting them to make a change, has come to present itself to the world. We must take action now.

ARTIST STATEMENT: I take the overarching notion of normal and flip it on its end to create something abnormally different. Letting the blood flow to the engines of creativity and freedom lets me freely express myself through color and unique characters I possess or have designed. I take the topics of fantastical and otherworldly to the next level to create my own environment in which I can draw from what I wish were real and expand upon that through different mediums. Using traditional materials and digital applications, I have an endless supply of tools, yet the one most important is that of my imagination. My aim is to make viewers think, feel, and reflect on the unknown and weird. 

PROFESSIONAL DIRECTION/CAREER ASPIRATION: Character/ Creature Concept Artist, Illustrator, or Visual & Graphic Designer


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