James Janas


Sweettechdeals is a fake online store that sells products. The goal of the website is to make a parody or culture-jam of consumerism and trends found when shopping for electronics. It aims to shed light on how, depending on the price, people view the products differently. If a product is priced way higher than it should be—say a $500 HDMI cable—placebo effects start to kick in and users believe they are getting a much better experience or usage compared to the normal-priced variant. On the flip side, consumers feel that if a normally expensive product is priced too low—say the brand new just released XBox game console normally costs $500 but is being sold for $10—that it is either a scam or a fake knock off. Sweettechdeals sheds light on this through the outlandishly comical descriptions and user comments on product pages.

project link (site is optimized for desktop, not mobile)

ARTIST STATEMENT: Moxie Cola. To some they understand. To most the mere mention of the name puts a cringe on their face. How can you drink such a putrid drink they ask? To them, you say, well, it’s Moxie of course. 

Work that I create is a lot like that can of Moxie in that it takes people on a journey, this journey being the journey experienced when drinking your first can of Moxie. While most do not enjoy it, those that do find the first sip unenjoyable but continue drinking it, and they learn to like it. That is exactly what comes through in my work. At first people may not understand it, but if they give it time they soon learn to understand and enjoy what it is they are viewing or experiencing, be it my digital or traditional work.

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