Johanna Hall

Ghosts in the Strawberry Field

As a child, I had very few escapes other than nature and my own thoughts, and even those were often not always the respite I needed. This short graphic novel is an exploration of growing up with anxiety, and dealing with illness, death, and loss. Though each page is its own illustration and poem, they are meant to be read together. 

ARTIST STATEMENT: I am a multi-disciplinary artist from Upstate New York. I am an illustrator and crafter who works in too many mediums to list. If you can think of it, I’ve probably tried it. Knitting, embroidery, screen printing, ink, watercolor, paper cutting, wire jewelry, digital illustration, stop-motion animation, hand-drawn animation, motion graphics, and more that I have probably forgotten.

As an artist I want to explore the beauty of nature and life, in any medium that feels right. I enjoy dipping my toes into new types of art, and constantly exploring and melding different types together. There is so much to see in this world, and so much to enjoy, that I try to capture pieces of it any way I can.



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