Katherine Boone

When the Forest Burned

A collection of pieces that altogether let insight into another world. A narrative, taking place in this personally designed fantasy realm speaks to trauma and injustice through the fantastic lens. From this narrative, everything else stems. A map, as reference to the larger world in which this story unfolds. Concept art, made to give a more direct sense of life in this crafted existence, through both character design and story event illustrations. And finally, a handmade cloak and chestpiece using the design from the concept art, to establish a more reality grounding, and almost artifact sense to wrap the whole bundle together.

ARTIST STATEMENT: My work is to fashion a place in which one can dive into a world that exists only in the mind. Within this, my goal is to create a childhood sense of magic in which a person can place themselves within the confines I present to them as to imagine the worlds I’m giving only the slightest of glimpses into. To see the sparkle in someone’s eye as they begin to explore this place is what drives me to create.

PROFESSIONAL DIRECTION/CAREER ASPIRATION: Concept Artist, Illustrator, ultimately undetermined.

WEB PRESENCE: https://katherineboone.wixsite.com/katdotpng

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