Matthew Bolduc


A homemade album exploring my relationship with solitude, written, recorded, and produced by me in my bedroom.

  1. “Prelude (Outskirts)”
  2. “Leave No Trace” (at 1:19 in the video)
  3. “Waterside” (at 5:07)
  4. “Interlude (Earth)” (at 9:24)
  5. “Stupid” (at 11:36)
  6. “What Am I Doing” (at 15:17)
  7. “Somewhere Else” (at 18:19)

ARTIST STATEMENT: I spend almost all of my time alone. I like being alone. I’m introverted, I spend a lot of time thinking, and I like being free of distractions so I can fully take in the world around me. I realized at some point that loneliness had become a part of my identity, to the point that I started pushing away the few people who were close to me so that I could be even more alone. I spent a lot of time thinking about this, and the conclusions I came to became the songs on this album.

PROFESSIONAL DIRECTION/CAREER ASPIRATION: I aspire to continue making songs by myself, about myself, in the hopes of connecting with other people who feel the same way that I do.


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