Sofia Darovskikh


This semester I wanted to focus exclusively on lyrical content and being okay with a song not sounding “perfect.” Because of the nature of my work with other producers, my vocals and lyrics usually need to be very stylized with little to no imperfections. It’s been difficult for me to break this when it comes to creating my own music. I have a tendency to over scrutinize, layer vocal on top of vocal, and edit the imperfect raw human emotion out of my voice in the name of creating a “perfect radio ready” tune. This half album consists of five songs written, recorded, and produced by me that all vary in different levels of commerciality, with some being more raw than others. Creating this half album has not been easy because I have had to fight myself on correcting every little thing. It has also been a refreshing experience because it has forced me to leave little imperfections in my music that I would otherwise overcorrect if given the chance. Ultimately, creating this half album has been a good exercise for me because it reminds me to check in with my songwriting and ask myself why I really make music. 


  • Bitchcraft—A song about cattiness between women.
  • Safe Hands—A song for the World Health Organization’s #Safehands campaign aimed at promoting the power of clean to combat covid19. People are encouraged to share a video to social media showing themselves washing their hands with the hashtag #safehands.
  • need you.—Collaboration with Australian music producer “Vowl.” I wrote, recorded, and did vocal manipulation/edits, Vowl. did instrumental production. 
  • Millie—A song to a younger self, sister, or friend. 
  • Animal—A work in progress idea about comparing the behavior of a human being to that of a begging dog.

ARTIST STATEMENT: The name ‘PhiloSofie’ captures an ongoing search for wisdom and purpose. My music serves as a vehicle to get me closer to whatever that may be. Songwriting and producing allow me to explore and cross boundaries within myself. I aim to brighten anyone’s day, even if only for a brief moment.

PROFESSIONAL DIRECTION/CAREER ASPIRATION: I am currently applying to graduate schools in Germany. I hope to obtain a Master of Science in media and communications. I will continue to work as a topline writer for producers as well as create my own music. New release with Trap Nation is coming soon! 


•  Lyrics and vocals featured on “F No” with 99 Neighbors of Nice Work / Warner Records, +3 million views on Spotify

• ChillNation and CloudKid featured YouTube channels: “Do My Thing,” “Déjà Vu,” and “Good Care” with producer Lucian, 3+ million combined views

• ChillYourMind blog and record label: “Midnight Cruise” with producers LTGTR and GAB; 2+ million streams on Spotify

• Sony Music Sweden: “Compass Home” with producers Foxa and Lewka; featured in New Music Friday Denmark, New Music Friday Iceland & Chill EDM Hits

• Big Top Amsterdam (label founded by Bakermat): “Lifeline” with producer Zaza

• Indie Pop Records: “Direction” with Artist Shoffy

• Official ESL One Mumbai Soundtrack: “Find A Way” with producer Vallas


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