Wilson Brown

let’s communicate with your higher self

let’s communicate with your higher self is an interactive sculptural installation, in which a  creature from another realm named Komu is here to help humans of this realm communicate with their higher selves. Through a mixed-media presentation, those experiencing the piece interact with the character on screen by pressing on their hand physically on the table; the user can interact with a set of runes and a rune book to do some simple divinations for themself. The glowing board on the table is a Higher Self board; this is what people’s higher selves “use” as a medium to communicate with Komu and the user. The user’s higher self will impart messages to instill positive energy, hope for themself, hope for the future, and all around good vibes. Komu encourages users to share energy with the Higher Self board in order to attune the board with them, and receive messages from specific users’ higher selves.

The program used to summon forth this creature is RPG Maker MV. In the program, there are 20 different phrases that the user’s higher self can say to the user. Through programming, these phrases are non-repeating and randomly selected.

ARTIST STATEMENT: I create artwork that is bold, unafraid to be shared. I aim to challenge expectations, stereotypes, and myself. I explore simultaneous multimedia directions, charging forward even when an art experiment goes in a wildly unexpected direction. A major motif in my artwork that sticks no matter what I explore are characters. I’ve created comic strips of two unlikely friends sharing a bond. A ghostly, deer-skulled character costume for myself with a matching wolf-skulled character for a friend. My sketchbooks are filled with pages and pages of character doodles and sketches, interacting with each other or simply alone.

I write poetry nearly every day and I’m always sure to carry a small notebook everywhere I go. Poetry reflecting the world around me, my feelings, and my vivid dreams. When working with clay, I create little friends of strange, sometimes inhuman, forms. When I experiment with music making I love playing around to make a sound to work with. Bwips, beeps, and twangs of a metallic water bottle make for a great instrument to add to my latest experimental, electronic, noise music piece.

I want to make viewers feel the motion and energy in my works, feel moved by my gallery installations and artwork. I want to connect with my audiences on levels that they can relate to. I experiment, iterate, re-experiment, reiterate, and repeat. I pull inspiration from my beloved friends who shower me in warmth, the music I drown myself in, the natural world that surrounds me, and my experiences as a trans, bi individual.

PROFESSIONAL DIRECTION/CAREER ASPIRATION: Freelance artist with a focus on characters, professional fursuit maker


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WEB PRESENCE: https://artbysprout.wixsite.com/sprouttiff/stills

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