Brett Francis

Enlil’s Wasteland: Chapter One

Excerpts from the graphic novel

Excerpts from the graphic novel

Enlil’s Wasteland is an in-the-works webcomic/graphic novel that takes place on a futuristic, terraformed Mars. Things aren’t so hopeful there, but Claude and his crew of bounty hunters (Blanche, Sue, and Kero) plan to at least try to make the best of it. While risking life and limb to stay in the green, they end up experiencing what the wonderful and painful world has to offer firsthand and, just as importantly, learn about each other.

Chapter Zero is the fancy term for a prologue. Why is Claude in the place he is in at the beginning of Chapter One? While not all will be explained in this 50-page taste of what’s to come, certain threads of characters’ fate can be seen in the midst of being spun, the fruits of which might not show until far later in the work.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Brett Francis is an aspiring comic artist, and a 2D artist in general. Aspiring or not, he is always exploring the space between lines of narrative and how it can be shown in tandem with visual media. If it tells a touching story, he’s there for it.



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