Kaolin Howard

The Whole Damn Käo

The Whole Damn Käo represents a journey of self love, acceptance, sexuality, and an exploration of the self in its many forms. All those who identify as women have felt the inner struggle of who we want to be, and have faced the labels society decides to use instead. The oppressive gaze and fetishization of the female form has weaponized our beauty and our strength.

This series of self portraits stands to challenge these dangerous viewpoints and to take back the power of many of the iconic feminine tropes. This power can come in the form of something as simple as a colorful outfit. To embrace the self in its many forms is to truly flourish.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Kaolin Howard is a photographer, poet, and makeup enthusiast. She specializes in digital and film photography, portrait photography, editorial makeup, and imagistic poetry. Originally from Skaneateles, New York, Howard grew up with a plethora of artists in her immediate and extended family that encouraged a range of creative outlets. Her grandfather was a portrait photographer for many years, which sparked a passion in her for film photography. Her father is a glass blower and the business owner of Cicada Glassworks. Howard traveled to gallery auctions and craft shows with her father where she would discover a passion for color theory, compositional space, and the thrill of showing art to the masses. She learned to incorporate these experiences into creating vibrant, eye catching images that give the impression of being a character or persona. Throughout Howard’s time at Champlain College, she learned to further incorporate her identity and a broad education into her works. Her film photography work appeared in the 2020 & 2021 Champlain Juried Student Art Show, as well as the 2019 Creative Media Portfolio I Stair-nook Gallery. Howard enjoys experimenting with both intense and restricted color palettes, as well as a variety of emotions. When not photographing or writing poetry, she enjoys painting watercolors en plein air, and drawing.

PROFESSIONAL DIRECTION/CAREER ASPIRATION: Post-graduation, I will be furthering my education by studying for a license in cosmetology as well as esthetics. I plan to work for an already established salon to hone skills and clientele to eventually open my own business to provide a range of cosmetic services.

WEB PRESENCE: www.kaolinphotography.squarespace.com

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