Diana Ogoti

Loveaholics Pop-Up Shop

Diana’s capstone pools from her training in design, marketing, and entrepreneurship. She created a private label business exploring the concept of nostalgia in the context of retail branding. Created for hopeless romantics, Loveaholics Anonymous celebrates vintage kitsch, unabashed girliness, and the beauty of retail therapy! The brand’s voice and visual aesthetic reflects ideas about sentimentality, the concept of rosy retrospection, and society’s recurring infatuation with the past. The aim of her project is to capture and demonstrate the essence of these ideas by showcasing the emotive and aesthetic potential of modern branding. Her process was syncretic, blending the technical requisites of e-commerce, digital advertising, and social media production with the emotive aspects of art making to create a cohesive brand identity.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Diana Ogoti is a Media Arts & Marketing professional with a passion for art, design, and entrepreneurship. She is particularly interested in branding and the crossover between art and business. Her work is informed by her passion for pink, often juxtaposing vintage-classic aesthetics with bold, contemporary themes to build visually engaging stories about girlhood and archetypal femininity. In 2021, she graduated with a BFA in Creative Media from Northern America’s “Most Innovative School”, Champlain College. She launched an ecommerce storefront featuring softcore fashion and accessory pieces as part of her senior thesis project, and has since taken on other self-initiated projects.

PROFESSIONAL DIRECTION/CAREER ASPIRATION: Content Creator, Creative Director, Serial Entrepreneur 

WEB PRESENCE: https://dianaogoti.com

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