Chase Harvey

The Unicorns of Love: The Ultimate Underdogs

The Unicorns of Love were a professional League of Legends team created by a group of friends that found a way to overcome all of the odds and compete with the best teams Europe had to offer. The Ultimate Underdogs is the first part in a documentary covering their magical 2015 Spring Split, focusing on the leadup to their first split, such as their qualification to the EU LCS and the third party tournament IEM San Jose. Just when esports had begun to take off in the west, the Unicorns forged their own path and captured the imagination of fans all over the world, and The Ultimate Underdogs looks to rekindle that magic by taking you through their beginnings.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Chase Harvey is a videographer, editor, and writer from Mooresville, North Carolina. He is heavily engaged in esports, and looks to find ways to propel it further into the mainstream. Primarily focused on video editing, but with an added flair for writing and voice over, Chase tackles passion topics and pours that love into each project in an effort to convey that love to the viewer.

PROFESSIONAL DIRECTION/CAREER ASPIRATION: Video Editing/Creation, Possibly revolving around esports 


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