Dylan Grube

A Broken System

A Broken System is a four track EP that aims to bring forth ideas of dissent towards a flawed capitalistic system, and capture feelings of anger towards corrupt leaders. Each of the four songs capture these themes in slightly different ways, whether in the form of a dramatic orchestral composition in “Sunder,” critical and aggressive rap in “Overthrow,” a medieval chant in “An End Foreseen,” or lyrics of an unwilling performance in “Back to Zero.”

“An End Foreseen”
“Back to Zero”

ARTIST STATEMENT: I am a music composer and producer that works in a wide range of styles, whether it’s a synthetic surreal soundscape, atonal experimentation, or a piano piece of several movements. Additionally, I’m always picking up new techniques to fold into my work, whether it’s regional influences like a Caribbean beat or a Latin groove, or historical influences like the atonality of Arnold Schoenberg, or the pentatonic scales of Claude Debussy. It is this vast array of influences that allow me to create works that are deep and meaningful. I also strive to combine these works with other mediums, such as film, poetry, or visual art, with examples including music videos, auditory film cues, a recorded and produced audio form of a poem, or songs designed and written around an image that I created first.

PROFESSIONAL DIRECTION/CAREER ASPIRATION: Music Producer, Multimedia Artist, Audio Engineer

WEB PRESENCE: https://dylangrube.com

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