Forrest Wright-Lapin


bofter from forrest wright-lapin on Vimeo.

Absurdities is an album created with the goal of finding the intersection between beauty and the absurd. An eclectic blend of experimental instrumentations and production techniques, Absurdities reflects Forrest’s search for new sounds and styles.  In addition to sonic exploration, Forrest experiments with visuals by creating abstract motion graphics in the 1995 software KidPix DELUXE.

ARTIST STATEMENT: As an artist I aim to create music and visuals which highlight my experimental process and reflect my personal nostalgias both auditorily and visually.  I enjoy using synthesis and drum programming along with sample editing to portray feelings, emotions, and memories from my past and present. 

Using KidPix and video editing software I concoct colorful and energetic animations which I sometimes pair with film or found footage resulting in abstract moving collages.  As I continue to develop as an artist and delve deeper into sound and video experimentation I hope to keep learning and evolving.



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