Adam Ethier

Consequences of Greed

Since the last presidency, I have been becoming increasingly more aware of the political issues around me. As such, I wanted to make work that demonstrated this change in mindset that I am undergoing. Two subjects, two posters each.

The first subject is the children of Thalidomide, an event from the late ’50s and early ’60s in which mothers who took the sedative Thalidomide while pregnant gave birth to children with varying birth defects, the most notable of these being malformed limbs, but also including varying degrees of organ damage. This incident and the blocking of mainstream distribution in the United States would lead to the creation of the Food and Drug Administration. I wanted to make work about this because it is a deeply powerful story that my generation and younger would not know anything about, bar a mention in Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”

The second subject is abortion. I never thought much about the subject until the passing of the restrictions in Texas, which angered me to the point I felt compelled to make work covering the subject. Though I have my own opinions, I tried to make this work not exclusively about them.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Adam Ethier is a multimedia artist from Connecticut. Throughout his journey at Champlain College, he has been exposed to art of various mediums and through this has learned to incorporate his cynical nature and personal dissatisfaction with the world around him into his work. Whether it’s poster design, illustration, painting, or video editing, he hopes to leave the viewer with an impression, big or small, no matter who they might be.



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