Lily Tammik

Highlights & Lowlights

Highlights & Lowlights is a short story collection framed in the six-month period from January to June of 2021. A transformational excerpt of time in my life in many ways, these bite-size chunks tell the story of finding myself in a period of utter isolation. I learn to enjoy old hobbies in the absence of other stimulation, I drudge through old habits that threaten breakdown, I reminisce on favorite movies, all while exposing the things most important to me about living this life. Please feel free to take a copy if this resonates.

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ARTIST STATEMENT: Lily Tammik is a writer and photographer from Ashby, Massachusetts. She specializes in creative nonfiction writing and darkroom photography, with a love for capturing small and intimate moments. She is inspired by psychology, fiction and nonfiction writers, and music, and embraces themes from all these mediums to expand her work.

Her writing is tethered to some of the most complex ideas of this world such as identity and memory. With her writing communicating her thoughts better than her mouth can, Lily finds describing the minute details of the day-to-day the most important details to capture, allowing them to illustrate how they impact her and her interpretation of life.

Lily’s photography is centered around the practice of using light to convey her perspective of the world. She is drawn to the subtle ways that light falls on buildings, people, and landscapes, creating a depth usually gone unnoticed or highlighting a swift, passing moment. Accompanying the technical aspects of photography, she also sees through the lens of emotion: seemingly hidden interactions between people, sunlight casting shadows over corners, the hues of a mountain surrounded by the shine of a shimmering lake.

Her work is created with the intention of giving voice to introspection and a sense that, although personal, the things she creates can speak to a wider audience, communicating the similarities between humans; how we all feel so deeply, yet these feelings seem so unique to our own experiences.



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