Josephine Perez

Staying on Track

Staying On Track is a game where the players are presidential candidates in a debate. They vie and scrabble for points, trying to get an advantage as they careen towards their points while denying their opponent the same opportunity. It’s exhilarating. It’s a clash of wills and skill. It’s breathlessly entertaining, and a world of fun. Are you sure you want the President to be decided based upon these qualities?

ARTIST STATEMENT: Josephine Perez (she/her) is a writer and game designer who has been creating since 2002. She has a passion for conveying experiences. These topics can include her experience as a trans femme lesbian, her psychosis, and attempts to personify emotions. Her process is to channel her emotions into a project until she’s exhausted, then refine the result. She spends her time practicing archery and martial arts.


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