Beatrice Española

Diary (Selected Knit Photograms September 2021­–April 2022)

Diary is a review of photograms made using knit fragments. These formal studies are the result of exposing photosensitive paper to light with objects placed on the surface, rendering images without a camera. The knit pieces featured in these studies are artifacts of the daily practice of fiber craft. Tactile meditations are transformed through light, shifting focus away from the commodified aspect of garment production. Instead, a variety of weaves and forms record a process of mending and regeneration. These gelatin silver prints, now scanned and projected, are grounded in iterative cycles of healing. 

ARTIST STATEMENT: Beatrice Española works with film photography, fiber, painting, and documentary and experimental video. She is interested in moving image as a tool for collective liberation. 

PROFESSIONAL DIRECTION/CAREER ASPIRATION: Archival studies, sculpture, and film editing

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