Elias Nikitchyuk

“Воля” or “Volya” in transliteration

An American grown with Ukrainian roots reflects on the concept of “freedom.”

ARTIST STATEMENT: Elias Nikitchyuk is a 23-year-old man from Sandy Hook, Connecticut. He grew up in a Ukrainian-American home, speaking a mixture of Ukrainian and Russian from a young age. Born with an ear for music, he taught himself guitar, how to record himself using digital audio workstations, and practices bandura—the Ukrainian folk instrument with 55 strings. After the mass shooting in his hometown in 2012, he uses his fiery passion to be an activist for gun violence prevention, and now the sovereignty of Ukraine—whether it be through art or political action.

Elias has a vision of a safer, more understanding world. He believes he can help create this world using storytelling and media. In his portfolio, you can find songs, poems, pictures, programs, and films that tell various stories of his life and how he sees the world. His concentrations are sonic arts, film, and interaction design.


WEB PRESENCE: elias-nikit.info

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