Gabriel Ferrero


Nobleboro is an exploration of memory, emotion, and place. A journey through pandemic isolation and societal burnout. Fall winds rustle free falling leaves. Winter blankets the earth in snow. Spring brings with it new buds, burgeoning life from the detritus. These poems mirror the journey through seasons. A story of death and rebirth, drawing from what came before. They exist in place, childhood homes, college towns, abandoned cemeteries. A world seen uniquely by each and every one of us. Poetry lives in perspective, uses it to capture the sentiment of the writer. A sentiment of exhaustion, loneliness, self-doubt. Join me on this journey of renewal.

Pine Point Cemetery

Fingers of grass through cracks in concrete
Yellow paint fades in diamond chips
Spaces for nothing dot the sidewalk
Acres left for the stones to grow

Trees long since burned down
Ashes abandoned by the wayside
The days get warmer still
Nearly summer solstice

That water tower stands alone
A longing hand reaching towards the sky
Flanked by okra and ferns
Even rust can grow

The basement was dug up last week
I wanted to be the last of something
So I shared a beer down there
With the broken folding table

Someone still mows the lawn at Pine Point Cemetery

ARTIST STATEMENT: Gabriel Ferrero is a writer and musician. He specializes in poetry and creative nonfiction. Fascinated by the natural world, he does much of his work among the trees. He grew up spoiled by nature, in a town in rural mid-coast Maine. A town surrounded by fields, lakes, oceans, and woodlands, with chickens sleeping on the kitchen floor in winter. His writing lives in this world, acting as a bridge: offering perspective to those who meet it.



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