Ian Juarez

Month in Observation

Month in Observation is a self-portrait series that was taken over the course of a full month. Each self-portrait is taken from a single day over a 31-day time period spanning from February 11th to March 14th. The work of creating these images is meant to be the project, meaning that this series aims to document my life, monotony and all throughout the entire month period in the middle of last semester of senior year. Whatever themes and subject material come out were meant to come out organically on their own.

This work has been laid out in chronological order from the first day to the last. The stress and monotony of student life laid out on display over a passage of time.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Ian Juarez is a photographer, poet, and video editor. He often aims to use his work as a vehicle for self-exploration and introspection. Observing oneself and letting out one’s feelings onto the page or image. If observing himself allows the viewer to pull their own meaning from his work, then that work is a success.

PROFESSIONAL DIRECTION/CAREER ASPIRATION: Photographer, freelance artist, editor

WEB PRESENCE: https://ianv29.myportfolio.com/

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