Matthew Persico

Dawn and Dusk

Dawn & Dusk. Terms often used to describe the rising and setting of the sun and moon; here it is the title of my capstone project. It is meant to be an incomplete* opening to a cartoon series I have been slowly developing. The title is named after the two main characters: Dawn and Dusk. Siblings torn apart from birth to be raised by two separate royal families, both engaged in a conflict over land and resources. The Dawn Empire is based on Greek and Egyptian mythology while the Dusk Empire is based on Norse and Japanese mythology. These thematics fit the setting of both the kingdom and people of the sun and a kingdom and people of the moon. Both kingdoms are spread among a large archipelago in the sky, with the hidden land of the eclipse, where the babies were found, hidden between the two conflicting nations.

Each frame has been animated individually and traditionally. Though this process takes much longer, the animation feels a lot more lifelike in terms of movement. It was a lengthy and tiresome process to complete; I desired to achieve this simply because it was more entertaining that way, for both me to do as well as the viewer to watch. The overall design of the animation was meant to be eye-catching while also engaging excitement to the viewer so that they will be excited to watch the next episode. I also choose to split the animation into two so that the viewer has something new to watch every time they come back, leading to a more engaged and attentive user experience.

Overall, I wish that you found this piece to be as entertaining as the process was in creating it.

*It is incomplete, to me, because there is still work that can be implemented and polished. Unfortunately, as I was the only animator, this is only what I could create within the timeframe.

Music License:
Music: Vlad Gluschenko — “Patterns in the Sky”
License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

ARTIST STATEMENT: Art is entertainment. A simple yet effective statement that describes my own motivation and ambition within the art world. Within my own art, I strive to entertain my audience regardless of the medium. If the audience before me is not entertained in any capacity, then to me that is a failure. I choose to practice and polish multiple art forms for my own entertainment as well. To me the pursuit of knowledge is an entertaining concept in itself, which if demonstrated properly gives me a new way to entertain my own audience.


PERSONAL DIRECTION: Artist and animator


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