Olivia Tyner

The Mad Hatter’s Coffeeshop

The Mad Hatter’s Coffee Shop is an ongoing adaptation and interactive experience based off of Lewis Carroll’s literary classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It raises the question, what if Wonderland came to Alice instead? The project began in 2018 as a way to educate on mental health, as it pertains to the text, and the author himself. Back then it was a coffee stand featuring a small menu of three drinks and three food items. The menu and the venue have since expanded in their concept. The goal is to create a pop-up café and immersive experience that acts to bring the story to life in a unique way. This particular iteration focuses on character building and visual design. What is a Wonderland café without Alice, the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat, or the Queen of Hearts?

ARTIST STATEMENT: Olivia Tyner is an aspiring costume designer and writer, as well as a novice baker and all-around nerd. Her creativity is rooted in a love of fiction and a desperate need to escape her everyday life, in any way she can. She began sewing in 2017, and is self taught in tailoring and pattern alteration.


WEB PRESENCE: Instagram: @the_haunted_haberdashery    https://sites.google.com/view/olivia-tyner/home

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