Rigby Wright

Molded by Memory

Molded by Memory is a mixed-media piece shaped by the creation and growth of mold. It represents lost memories, desolation, and life-changing experiences through the intersection of time and decay. Most people can recall certain events or moments from their lives long ago, while others struggle to remember anything beyond a week ago. This series of mixed-media pieces is meant to represent the impact memories, and lack thereof, have on shaping our lives and sense of identity. Without memory, who are we?

My practice deals with utilizing various forms of media in order to create art reflected by memory; stories within and outside my personal realm of experience that otherwise would not be heard. I’m interested in how everyday practices and objects can be manipulated and molded to my own unique scope of the world. I approach this theme by calling on personal experiences from my relationship with the mind and memory—remembering to remember. These ideas are explored through a range of media including collage, sound, video, photography, and visual/text-based pieces. 

Working at the intersection of life and art, I believe that inserting my memories and lack thereof into my work and every day can seize us all to ask critical questions about what we truly remember and have experienced. In doing so I aim to unearth an inquisitive environment and experience where the viewer is challenged to question themselves and consider alternative realities and timelines.

I believe that with the knowledge that the world is continually changing, capturing moments and evaluating our recollection of them is all that we have. Understanding the role of our memories in the context of reality is the motivating factor in my work.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Rigby Wright is an interdisciplinary artist based on the East Coast of the U.S. They have a Bachelor of Fine arts in Creative Media with concentrations in Sonic Arts, Moving Image, and Visual Art/Design. Their work challenges the conventions of bodies, memory, politics, and identity within the realms of our physical and mental worlds through collage, sound, video, photography, and visual/text-based media.

PROFESSIONAL DIRECTION/CAREER ASPIRATION: I hope to do some artist residencies and travel before attending graduate school for art therapy. My goal is to work with people who are living with/have experienced a traumatic brain injury (as well as people in general), specifically in communities where mental health care/resources are less accessible. I hope to also attend welding school in order to create large-scale sculptures.

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