Victoria Farulla


Wirvis is a small island, no greater than 120 miles across, found in the middle of the Prismatic Deep approximately 300 miles away from the mainland. Estimated to be home to roughly 1.3 million individuals, the island is known for its rich blend of culture and customs that differ from what may be expected on Earth, due to a myriad of environments and magical happenings contained in such a small area. While Wirvis may seem like your typical medieval fantasy land from fairytales long ago, the contents within the bustling isle stray away from Eurocentric stories and typical war tales. Instead, Wirvis provides tales of its history and wonder fit for fantasy fans of all types, right at your fingertips.

ARTIST STATEMENT: There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not stuck in some other world. One day, I could be mapping out the northern landscapes of an old nation, still littered with relics of a forgotten past wedged in between the mountains of a dragon’s lair. The next, I might be listening in on discourse within the high magic court, only intended for the ears of the queen herself. If I’m lucky, I may even get to hear the stories of an adventurer’s first quest decades ago, their eyes lighting up with every fond memory, just like they used to many years ago. After everything that escaping to these stories has done for me, the least I could do is hold the door open for someone else and let them in on what happens when we let our imaginations run wild.



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